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English Words in Icelandic

Do you know these words?

7/7/2017 Blog

Like any other language, many words are slang words or loanwords from other languages. Many have become of part of the language like bakarí and apótek while others are still considered foreign words.

Below is a list of a few English slang words that you can find in Icelandic.

A few of the words have the same meaning as in English, but some of them have a slightly different meaning.

Sjarmör (e. Charmer). Read: SHAR-moer. Used in a similar way as the English word. It describes a very charming guy. It has nothing to do with magic, except possibly a magical presence.

Sjoppa (e. Shop). Read: SHOP-ah. This is a kiosk or a small shop, not a regular shop. „Sjoppa“ sells candy, cigarettes, soda (soda pop, fizz) and so on.

Sjitt (e. Shit). Read: SHI-ht. Icelanders don‘t have particularly many swear words, most of the ones they do have are connected to the Devil. Andskotinn and djöfullinn er the Icelandic words for Satan and the Devil. Helvítis means hell, while „farðu norður og niður“ means „go to hell“.

Fokk (e. Fuck). Read: FO-hk („o“ as in „bottle“). In Icelandic, the word doesn‘t have the same strong meaning as it does in the English-speaking world. It is used more like „bloody“ and „god damn it“.

Hönk (e. Hunk). Read: HU-hnk. Leonardo DiCaprio is such a hönk. Often used to describe heartthrobs.

Beib (e. Babe). Read: The same. Means the same as in English. Although, it is sometimes used for teenage boys as well. He‘s such a beib.

Kúl (e. Cool). Read: KHOO-l. Kúl is cool.

Næs (e. Nice). Read: The same. Very næs.

Töff (e. Tough). Read: TOU-ff (”ou” the same as in “tough”). In Icelandic, this has a closer relation to „cool“ than resilient or hard.

Töffari (e. No English equivalent). Read: TOU-ffari (”ou” is in “tough”). This word means a tough guy. But since „töff“ means something is „cool“, this describes a confident guy who is cool.

Meika sens (e. Makes sense). Read: MAKE-ah sense. Used in the same way in Icelandic as in English but in an Icelandic way. When they say something doesn‘t make a lick of sense, its: Þetta meikar engan sens.

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