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    5.0 stars on  Friday, August 16 2013

    Just excellent part of Iceland. Must see place. If you're in pressure, take just a short walk through the lava field and up the hill behind. it's worthy. more

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    “Beautiful hot spring”

    5.0 stars on  Sunday, July 06 2014

    We went here largely for the rainbow- coloured mountains, which were cool and we had a good walk, but the real highlight was the hot spring. We were lucky to be there on a sunny day, so the river looked beautiful in the meadow of yellow flowers. We were hot after our walk, so I was pleasantly surprised to find... more

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    5.0 stars on  Sunday, August 03 2014

    From the moment I saw the pictures in internet I always wanted to go to Landmannalaguar.This colorful mountains are so beautiful! .It takes long time from Reykjavik to get there but it is really worthy.I went there with Reykjavik excursions and I really enjoyed it. more

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