Say farewell to the year with a bang

Join us on a tour with a local guide to explore the special traditions and strange Icelandic folklore connected to the magical New Year‘s Eve.

On this tour, you will check out the Fireworks sales organised by the Icelandic Rescue Teams but every year Icelanders blow up about 600 – 700 tonnes of fireworks that night. There you will get a short introduction about their work and you can buy fireworks to blow up later.

You will also visit the old cemetery of Reykjavík and hear about the caretaker of the garden and why the dead rise from their graves on New Year‘s Eve.

Additionally, you will visit Hafnarfjörður, a town which is known for its elf-population. There you will visit one of the „elf stones“ where they live, but the mysterious Hidden People or Icelandic Elves walk amongst men that evening.

The tour will finish in a beautiful forest grove where a small bonfire will be lit and we will say farewell to the passing year in a traditional Icelandic fashion; with a bang.

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Tour availability

31 DEC 31 DEC

Available days:

  • Sun

Tour details

Duration: 4 hours


Tour ID: NM02

What's included

  • Guided bus tour
  • Taste of ghostbeer
  • Glass of sparkling wine
  • Farewell gift
  • Colourful fireworks and sparklers



Additional information:

Remember to dress warmly.
Operated on 31 of December.
Pick up is up to 30 minutes before departure.

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