Iceland's most popular hiking routes

The Iceland On Your Own Hiking Pass is a great option for the adventurous traveller, as it is the ideal way to experience two of Iceland´s most popular hiking routes on your own. You simply purchase one pass and with it you get a bus transfer from Reykjavík to the base of the hike and back to Reykjavík from the hike’s end when you are done. Please note that travelling back and forth on the same bus route is not available, i.e. route 11 and 11a counts as the same route. You can take as much time for the hike as you please within the pass’s time frame (14 June-15 September).

Please note, pass holders need to check-in to each route on their preferred departure at least 48 hours in advance*.

Hiking Laugavegur

The Laugavegur hiking trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Iceland and a favourite among the locals. The hike usually starts in Landmannalaugar and from there it is a 3-4 days hike to Þórsmörk nature reserve. If you intend to hike the ever popular Laugavegur from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk, or vice versa, this is the pass for you.

Hiking Fimmvörðuháls

Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail is extremely popular and during the last few years it has become even more so. One of the reasons for the popularity is the volcanic eruption that took place in the middle of the trail in 2010. The hike takes you through a pass between the glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull and takes about 8-10 hours to complete, depending on the hiker’s pace. Travellers can even do the hike in 2 days, spending a night in the hut in Fimmvörðuháls along the way.

Hiking Laugavegur & Fimmvörðuháls

For the experienced hikers, a combination of these two hiking trails is also an option. To hike all the way from Landmannalaugar to Skógar or vice versa, we recommend 5-7 days to do this hike.

The Iceland On Your Own Hiking Pass is valid for 2 of the 3 the following routes when travelling to and from the trail.

9/9a: Reykjavík – Þórsmörk/Þórsmörk – Reykjavík (route operated 1 June – 20 September)

11/11a: Reykjavík – Landmannalaugar/Landmannalaugar – Reykjavík (route operated 14 June – 15 September)

21/21a: Reykjavík – Skógar/Skógar – Reykjavík (route operated 1 July – 31 August)

* To check-in, please send an email to [email protected] with your booking number, your preferred dates, departure and arrival location as well as departure time, at least 48 hours before departure. (Please note that the bus might be fully booked on your preferred departure even with the 48 hour notice, the sooner you check-in the more chance there is for availability).

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Additional information:

Please collect your pass at BSÍ Bus Terminal Reykjavik at least 1 hour before departure
The Hiking Passport is a ticket that includes a discount. Therefore it cannot be refunded if it has been partially used.

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Thorsmork nature reserve is undeniably one of the most beautiful locations in Iceland located between three glaciers. A truly magical place to visit, with arctic vegetion, wonderful rock formations and surroundings where the Icelandic mythology of elves and trolls comes to life.



Landmannalaugar is a natural pearl hidden in the highlands. You will find diverse landscapes, hot and cold springs, multi-coloured mountains and amazing lavafields. It´s the ideal site for hikers as the possibilities are almost endless.



Skógafoss waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland with a width of 25 meters (82 ft.) Due to the amount of spray the waterfall consistently produces, a rainbow is very often visible on a sunny day