Our employees are good and hard working people whom we are very proud of. 
Their goal is to make your experience of Iceland the very best it can be, almost magical. 


Kristján Daníelsson [email protected] Managing Director
Halldóra Matthíasdóttir [email protected] Operation Manager - Travel Agency
Garðar Sævarsson [email protected] Operations Manager - Enterprise rent-a-car
Björn Ragnarsson [email protected] Operation Manager - Bus Operations
Ingvi Björn Bergmann [email protected] Finance Manager
Þórarinn Þór [email protected] Director of Business Development
Jóhanna Hreiðarsdóttir [email protected] Human Resource Manager

Human Resources & Quality

Jóhanna Hreiðarsdóttir [email protected] Human Resource Manager 580 5479
Anna Kristín Kristinsdóttir [email protected] Environment & Safety Control 580 5400
Baldvin Haukur Júlíusson [email protected] Employee Representative 580 5400
Birna Dís Benjamínsdóttir [email protected] HR Specialist 580 5400
Helga Bryndís Jónsdóttir [email protected] Quality Control 580 5412
Ingigerður Einarsdóttir [email protected] Employee Representative &
Tour Guide liasion
580 5405
Líney Magnea Þorkelsdóttir [email protected] Payroll Specialist 580 5400
Sigríður Ásta Hallgrímsdóttir [email protected] Office Manager 580 5400
Vilborg Magnúsdóttir [email protected] Employee Training  580 5400


Ingvi Björn Bergmann [email protected] Finance Manager 519 9002
Borga Harðardóttir [email protected] Credit Management 580 5400
Elín Sigríður Ingimundardóttir [email protected] Cashier & Payroll 580 5400
Gísli Þór Jónsson [email protected] Finance Specialist 580 5400
Guðbjörg Brynja Pálsdóttir [email protected] Accounting 580 5400
Guðbjörg Magnúsdóttir [email protected] Chief Accountant 580 5400
Hanna Kristín Steindórsdóttir [email protected] Accounting 580 5410
Hekla Þórisdóttir [email protected] Accounting 580 5400
Lísa R. Voltersdóttir [email protected] Accounting 580 5400
Sesselja Magnúsdóttir [email protected] Accounting 580 5422
Sigrún Guðmundsdóttir [email protected] Accounting 580 5437


Stefán Örn Stefánsson [email protected] IT Director 519 9009
D. Orri Ágústsson [email protected] Webmaster 580 5400
Gunnar Traustason [email protected] Software Developer 580 5400
Guðleifur Kristjánsson [email protected] Software Developer 580 5400
Haukur Kristófer Bragason [email protected] Computer Specialist 580 5400
Helgi Már Sigurðsson [email protected] Software Developer 580 5400
Rósa María Ingunnardóttir [email protected] IT Department 580 5400

Marketing & Business Development

 Þórarinn Þór [email protected] Director of Business Development  580 5400
 Sif Helgadóttir [email protected] Marketing Manager 580 5400
 Helga Dís Björgúlfsdóttir [email protected] Marketing Representative - Social Media 580 5400

Enterprise rent-a-car

Garðar Sævarsson [email protected] Director of Sales & Operations 519 9302
Karl Magnús Karlsson [email protected] Director of Fleet Management 519 9304
Lára Björg Þórisdóttir [email protected] Branch Manager REK 519 9305
Trausti Arngrímsson [email protected] Branch Manager KEF 519 9306
Margrét Ólöf Sveinsdóttir [email protected] Account Manager 519 9307
Freyr Gústavsson [email protected] Revenue Manager & Leasing 519 9303
Jóhannes Kolbeinsson [email protected] Accounting 519 9300
Bjarni Bent Ásgeirsson [email protected] Accounting & Revenue 519 9308

Travel Agency



Inga Dís Richter [email protected] Sales Manager 580 5400
Andri Kristjánsson [email protected] Account Manager 580 5400
Arnar Tómas Valgeirsson [email protected] Hotels & Information Centers Liasion 779 9020
Berglind Guðrún Beinteinsdóttir [email protected] Sales Agent 580 5400
Brimar Aðalsteinsson [email protected] Sales Agent 580 5400
Daníel Óliver Sveinsson [email protected] Hotels & Information Centers Liasion 779 9020
Elísabet Daníelsdóttir [email protected] Sales Agent 580 5400
Friðrik Sigurbjörnsson [email protected] Account Manager 580 5400
Inga Rúna Guðjónsdóttir - Maternity Leave [email protected] Sales Agent 580 5400
Katrín Georgsdóttir [email protected] Account Manager 580 5400
Sindri Þór Þorgeirsson [email protected] Sales Agent 580 5400
Sigríður Inga Þorkelsdóttir [email protected] Sales Agent - Hotel Liasion 580 5400


Arnar Már Arnþórsson [email protected] Product Development & Market Research 580 5400
Aðalheiður Ósk Guðmundsdóttir [email protected] Product Manager 580 5400
Drengur Óla Þorsteinsson [email protected] Project Manager 580 5400

FIT Sales & Reservations

Customer Service & Individual Bookings
Sigurbergur Steinsson [email protected] Revenue Manager 580 5406
Ásta Dagmar Jónsdóttir [email protected] FIT Sales & Reservations Manager 580 5400
Björg Georgsdóttir [email protected] FIT Sales & Reservations 580 5400
Elfa BJörk Hauksdóttir [email protected] Back Office 580 5400
Matthildur Bergþórsdóttir [email protected] FIT Sales & Reservations 580 5400
Lilja Dögg Arnþórsdóttir [email protected] Back Office 580 5400
Tamas Magyar [email protected] Back Office 580 5400
Drífa Magnúsdóttir [email protected] Service Manager 580 5400
Rakel Guðbjörg Sigurðardóttir [email protected] Front Desk Service Manager KEF 425 0381

Bus Operations


Fleet Management

Björn Ragnarsson [email protected] Operation Manager - Bus Operations 580 5400
Úlfar Þór Marinósson [email protected] Project Manager 580 5400
Páll Hlífar Bragason [email protected] Senior Operations Supervisor 580 5400
Sveinn Eyjólfur Matthíasson [email protected] Fleet Manager 580 5414
Þór Bínó Friðriksson [email protected] Head of Operations Control 580 5400

Bus Maintenance

Björgvin Gunnarsson [email protected] Workshop Service Manager 580 5425
Karl Emilsson [email protected] Purchasing & Stock Manager 580 5425
Þröstur Hjartarson [email protected] Workshop Foreman 580 5425


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