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Pick Up Locations in Reykjavík

We're thrilled you're considering a tour with us. Let's walk through the pickup process to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Reykjavík Pickup / Drop-off Location Map

Dive into our Google Map and spot the 15 highlighted tour bus stops with the distinct, larger bus icons. While you're there, you might notice smaller red bus icons - these represent public transport stops, included by Google for added reference.

In addition to the 15 designated Tour Bus Stops, you’ll find the Direct Doorstep Pickups, marked with stars.


Read on to understand the difference between the different types of bus stops.

Meeting Us for Your Adventure

Day Tours from Reykjavík

When you decide to join us on a tour, you'll have the opportunity to meet us at the tour's departure point in central Reykjavík or take advantage of our convenient pickup service for a small additional charge.

Our day tours that depart from Reykjavík kick off from a well-connected public transport hub called “BSI Bus Terminal”, a short distance from the city center.

You have several options for getting to BSI. Walking from downtown will take you between 10 and 20 minutes. If you prefer, public transport or HOPP electric scooters are available, especially fun in the summer. However, walking is often be the most predictable choice, as it frees you from any concerns about traffic delays, bus schedules or scooter availability.

Just remember to arrive at BSI at least 15 minutes before your tour is set to begin.

BSI Bus Terminal Reykjavík

Understanding Our Pickup Service and Locations

For many of our day tours, we offer a pickup service in Reykjavík for a small fee. However, this service doesn't autumatically mean pickup right at your doorstep.

Due to Reykjavik's bustling tourism, there are policies restricting tour buses from accessing certain streets and areas. As a result, the city has established specific pickup points for tour buses. These pickup points are strategically positioned close to downtown accommodations, ensuring you have only a brief walk (under 10 minutes) to commence your journey.

And if you're located slightly away from the downtown's core, some hotels might permit us to greet you right at their entrance (more about this option in the “Direct Doorstep Pickups” section)

If by chance your accommodation isn't assigned to one of the Tour Bus Stops or doesn’t have a Direct Doorstep Pickup, just find the nearest one to you on the map, and select this pickup point in the booking process, and we'll meet you there.

Pick-up and Drop-off bus in Reykjavík

Know the Difference: Tour Bus Stops vs. Public Transport Stops

In Reykjavik, you'll notice two kinds of bus stops: our Tour Bus Stops and the ones for local transport. Make sure to keep an eye out for the right sign so you know you're in the correct spot.

The first sign (blue-yellow) is for the traditional public transfport bus stops. You'll need to look for the second sign (blue-pink) for tour bus stops:

Different bus stop signs in Reykjavík

Direct Doorstep Pickups/Drop-Offs

In addition to the 15 primary Tour Bus Stops in the city center, there are special pickup points outside of the downtown area. We marked these with stars on our map.

These are hotels where our buses can pull right up to the front of the building for direct pickups/drop-offs (so there are no special bus stops signs here). Lucky you if you're staying at one of these hotels!

If you're staying anywhere near a hotel with this privilege, simply select that hotel from our pickup list and wait outside. Just remember, there's no need to enter or linger in the lobby since you're not a guest of that hotel.

Reykjavík Excursions pickup bus

Selecting Your Pickup Point

When booking, after you click "Book Now", a new booking window will open. Here, you'll see a breakdown of the tour(s) you've selected, their prices, and optional add-ons, such as a pickup service.

You have the option to select “I’ll meet you at the meeting point,” which indicates the location for the tour departure. If you choose this, the meeting point details will appear right below this option.

If you prefer to use the pickup service, you need to select a pickup location from the provided list. Many hotel names are accompanied by a bus stop number, indicating the nearest Tour Bus Stops. Those without a bus stop number are Direct Doorstep Pickups.

Before finalizing your booking, kindly double-check your pickup location and accommodation on the map to ensure a seamless journey.

Should you need to change your pickup location, give us a quick ring at least 2 hours before your tour (+354 580 5400), and we'll make the necessary adjustments.

Reykjavík Excursions pickup bus

Don't Miss the Bus: Why Pickup Time and Departure Time Are Different

Just a friendly reminder: Pickup time and departure time aren't the same! While departure time marks when our bus sets off on its adventure with everyone on board, your pickup time is always set 30 minutes earlier.

This gives our bus ample time to gather all our wonderful guests from around the city. To ensure you're all set for the journey, please arrive at your pickup spot 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time that is stated on your ticket. Even if you chose a Direct Doorstep Pickup, you must be ready outside of the hotel and visible to the driver 30 minutes before the departure time.

Your bus could arrive anytime within that 30-minutes window, so a touch of patience will ensure you're right on track for the adventure ahead. If your pick-up hasn't arrived in the first 20-25 minutes, please do not hesitate to call us at +354 580 5400.

Reykjavík tour pickup point

The Full List of Reykjavík Accomodations and Their Corresponding Designated Bus Stops

Please find your Pick Up & Drop Off bus stop and download directions map.

All bus stops on Google Maps

Bus Stop 1 - Ráðhúsið - City Hall

Location of Bus stop 1 on Google Maps

3 Sisters Guesthouse
Centerhotel Plaza
Chez Monique
Embassy Luxury Apartments
Gallery Central Guesthouse
Guesthouse Álfhóll
Guesthouse Butterfly
Hotel Hilda
Hotel Metropolitan
Hotel Reykjavík Centrum
House Of Spirits
Kvosin Hotel
Lighthouse Apartments
Ocean Comfort Apartments
Planet Apartments
Reykjavik Downtown Hostel
Iceland Parliament Hotel

Bus Stop 2 - Tjörnin - The Pond

Location of Bus stop 2 on Google Maps

Ambassade Apartments
Castle House Luxury Apartments
Central Guesthouse
Hotel Reykjavik Saga
Luna Hotel Apartments – Amtmannsstígur 5
Luna Hotel Apartments – Spítalastígur 1

Bus Stop 3 - Lækjargata

Location of Bus stop 3 on Google Maps

1912 Guesthouse
Apotek Hotel
Black Pearl
Centerhotel Þingholt
Central Apartments
City Center Hotel
Downtown Guesthouse
Konsulate Hotel
Hotel Borg
Ocean Comfort Apartments
Radisson Blu Hotel 1919
Loft Hostel

Bus Stop 4 - Miðbakki Harbor

Location of Bus stop 4 on Google Maps

Exeter Hotel

Bus Stop 5 - Harpa

Location of Bus stop 5 on Google Maps

Centerhotel Arnarhvoll
The Reykjavik EDITION

Bus Stop 6 - Safnahúsið - The Culture House

Location of Bus stop 6 on Google Maps

101 Hótel
41 – A Townhouse Hotel
Apartment K – Hverfisgata 14
Apartment K – Ingólfsstræti 1a
Apartment K – Skólastræti 1
Apartment K – Þingholtsstræti 2-4
Canopy Reykjavík | City Centre
Hótel Frón

Bus Stop 8 - Hallgrímskirkja

Location of Bus stop 8 on Google Maps

Eric The Red Guesthouse
Forsæla Apartments
Freyja Guesthouse
Gest Inn
Guesthouse Aurora
Hostel B47
Hotel Leifur Eiríksson
Hotel Óðinsvé
Inga's New Guest Apartments
Loki 101 Guesthouse
Luna Hotel Apartments – Baldursgata 36
Mengi Apartments
Our House Guesthouse
SUNNA Guesthouse
Villa Guesthouse

Bus Stop 9 - Snorrabraut

Location of Bus stop 9 on Google Maps

Centerhotel Laugavegur
Skuggi Hotel
4th Floor Hotel
100 Iceland Hotel
101 Guesthouse
Alda Hotel Reykjavik
Alfred's Apartments
Apartment K – Laugavegur 74
Apartment K – Laugavegur 85-86
City Comfort Apartments
Guesthouse Von
Heida's Home
Hlemmur Apartments
Luna Hotel Apartments – Laugavegur 86
OK Hotel
Reykjavik4you Apartments – Laugavegi 85
Stay Apartments - Laugavegur 139

Bus Stop 11 - Austurbær

Location of Bus stop 11 on Google Maps

Grettisborg Apartments
Guesthouse Reykjavik 101
Guesthouse Snorri
Reykjavik Hostel Village
Stay Apartments Grettisgata

Bus Stop 12 - Höfðatorg

Location of Bus stop 12 on Google Maps

Fosshótel Reykjavík
Storm Hotel
Tower Suites

Bus Stop 13 - Rauðarárstígur

Location of Bus stop 13 on Google Maps

Centerhotel Miðgarður
Downtown Reykjavik Apartments
Fosshótel Rauðará
Fosshótel Lind
Guesthouse Pávi
Hotel Phoenix
Stay Apartments Einholt

Bus Stop 14 - Skúlagata

Location of Bus Stop 14 on Google Maps

101 Skuggi Guesthouse
Alfred's Studios
Apartment 37
Apartment K – Bergstaðastræti 12
Apartment K – Bergstaðastræti 3
Apartment K – Hverfisgata 37
Apartment K – Laugavegur 46
Apartment K – Lindargata 60
Apartments Aurora
Black Tower
Centerhotel Klöpp
Centerhotel Skjaldbreið
Domus Guesthouse
Gray Tower
Guesthouse Óðinn
Guesthouse Turninn
ION City Hotel
Ísland Apartments
Luna Hotel Apartments – Laugavegur 37
Old Charm Reykjavik Apartments
Rey Apartments
Reykjavik Residence Hotel
Reykjavik Residence Suites
Reykjavik4you Apartments - Bergstaðastræti 12
Room With A View
Sand Hotel
The Swan House Reykjavik Apartments

Bus Stop 15 – Vesturbugt

Location of Bus Stop 15 on Google Map

Centerhotel Grandi
Reykjavik Marina

BSÍ Bus Terminal

Location of Bus stop BSÍ on Google Maps

Guesthouse Anna
Guesthouse Baldursbrá – Laufásvegur 41
Guesthouse Baldursbrá – Tjarnargata 46
Guesthouse Galtafell
Guesthouse Lena
Hótel Holt
Travel Inn
Student Hostel

Direct Doorstep pick up/drop off

105 - A Townhouse Hotel
201 Hotel
22 Hill Hotel
Arctic Comfort Hótel
Cabin Hotel
Dalur HI Hostel - Sundlaugavegur 34
Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel
Fjörukráin / Hotel Viking
Fosshótel Barón
Grand Hótel Reykjavík
Harbor - Skarfabakki
Hilton Reykjavík Nordica
Hotel Ísland Comfort - Hlíðasmári 13
Hótel Ísland
Hótel Örkin
KEX Hostel
Klettur Hótel
Lækur Hostel
Northern Comfort Apartments
Oddsson Hótel
R13 - A Townhouse Hotel - Ármúli 13a
Reykjavik Campsite - Sundlaugavegur 32
Reykjavík Domestic Airport
Reykjavik Lights Hotel
Reykjavík Natura
Stay Apartments Bolholt