Eruption at Reykjanes has Ended. Blue Lagoon Closed, Flights & Tours Operating as Usual MORE

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Last updated: February 22nd 10:30 AM

Our Northern Lights tours (RE62 ad RE63) are OFF! 22nd of February

Blue Lagoon Reopening Update

We are happy to announce the reopening of Blue Lagoon Iceland. This reopening is a collaborative effort with local authorities, ensuring ongoing safety due to recent seismic and volcanic events. Experts continue to closely monitor the area.

Alternative route: Due to disruptions to our primary access road, our transfers will use an alternative route to reach our site. The drive is now 90 minutes from Reykjavik, and 50 minutes from Keflavil.

February 22nd

There are no cancelations for this date

February 23rd

The following tours are canceled for this date:

SRE88 South Coast, Snowmobiling & Ice Cave Tour at 09:00 AM

SRE98 Volcanic Wonders of Reykjanes Geopark at 10:00 AM

BL98 Volcanic Wonders and the Blue Lagoon at 10:00 AM


To rebook your tour, please email us at with your booking number or Call us at +354-580-5400. To rebook the standard Northern Lights tour, press here.


If you booked through our website, you can apply for a refund here according to our cancellation policy.

If you booked the tour through a travel agency please contact them directly regarding a possible refund.