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Reykjavik City Tours

Reykjavik City Tours

It's the northernmost capital in the world and our absolute favourite. Reykjavík, with its cutting edge art events, glorious street food, high-end restaurants, a plethora of music, colour, charm, outdoor pools, that friendly atmosphere and those amazing views. Honestly, what's not to love?*

You can always go wandering around the streets of Reykjavik but keep in mind that it's not all self explanatory. Whether you want to see the sights, experience the exhibitions or watch the shows, we highly recommend doing a little bit of research and booking your tickets here. Stay with us and you won't miss a thing.

*The honest answer is sometimes the weather of course, but we got you covered there as well.

Tours in Reykjavik City


Drinks are on us!

Did you know that Iceland has some of the purest tap water in the world?