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Environmental Policy

Reykjavik Excursions - Kynnisferðir continually strives to improve its environmental issues in compliance with the Environmental Management Standard ISO14001:2015

We enable visitors who want to enjoy Icelandic nature, culture, and human life, to make their dream come true. With quality culture, respect for nature, and unrivaled expertise we meet the needs and expectations of our customers with a selection of authentic tours, entertainment and services related to their trip.

Reykjavik Excursions - Kynnisferðir has the following guidelines to achieve its targets

1. Scope

The Environmental Policy applies to all operations of companies within Icelandia. All employees should respect the policy in their work.

2. Policy

The policy of Icelandia and its affiliates is to minimise negative environmental impacts from its operations and prevent pollution with continuous improvements as a guiding principle. Make the most of resources. Pristine nature is one of our customers' main attractions, so environmental issues and sustainability are at the forefront when it comes to all decision-making.

3. Focus

  • Treat nature responsibly and communicate information regarding conduct and environmental impacts to customers.
  • Work according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system, which is a core part of all the company's operations.
  • Reduce emissions through fleet renewal and electric vehicle proliferation, provide preventive maintenance, train drivers to drive vehicles and continuously monitor the development of vehicles based on environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Comply with applicable provisions of laws and regulations, instructions from public bodies and other requirements in the operation.
  • Monitor and manage important environmental aspects of the company. Emphasis is placed on responsible use of resources, reducing waste and sorting for recycling.
  • Increase employees' environmental awareness through appropriate training, education and information on the environmental impact of the operation.
  • Carbon offset emissions from the company's operations.