Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

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Designated bus stops

Please find your Pick Up & Drop Off bus stop and download directions map.

Bus stop 1 - Ráðhúsið -City Hall

(Location of Bus stop 1 in Google Maps)

Chez Monique (Download map)
Embassy Luxury Apartments (Download map)
Hotel Hilda (Download map)
Hotel Reykjavík Centrum (Download map)
Kvosin Hotel (Download map)

Bus stop 2 - Tjörnin -The Pond

(Location of Bus stop 2 in Google Maps)

Ambassade Apartments (Download map)
Castle House Luxury Apartments (Download map)
Central Guesthouse (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Amtmannsstígur 5 (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Laufásvegur 17 (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Spítalastígur 1 (Download map)

Bus stop 3 - Lækjargata

(Location of Bus stop 3 in Google Maps)

1912 Guesthouse (Download map)
Apotek Hotel (Download map)
Centric Guesthouse (Download map)
Hotel Borg (Download map)

Bus stop 4 - Tryggvagata

(Location of Bus stop 4 in Google Maps)

3 Sisters Guesthouse (Download map)
Black Pearl (Download map)
Centerhotel Plaza (Download map)
Central Apartments (Download map)
City Center Hotel (Download map)
Gallery Central Guesthouse (Download map)
Guesthouse Álfhóll (Download map)
Guesthouse Butterfly (Download map)
Hotel Metropolitan (Download map)
House Of Spirits (Download map)
Lighthouse Apartments (Download map)
Ocean Comfort Apartments (Download map)
Planet Apartments (Download map)
Radisson Blu Hotel 1919 (Download map)
Reykjavik Downtown Hostel (Download map)

Bus stop 5 - Harpa

(Location of Bus stop 5 in Google Maps)

Centerhotel Arnarhvoll (Download map)

Bus stop 6 - Safnahúsið -The Culture House 

(Location of Bus stop 6 in Google Maps)

101 Hótel
Apartment K – Hverfisgata 14 (Download map)
Apartment K – Ingólfsstræti 1a (Download map)
Apartment K – Skólastræti 1 (Download map)
Apartment K – Þingholtsstræti 2-4 (Download map)
Centerhotel Þingholt (Download map)
Loft Hostel (Download map)

Bus stop 7 - Traðarkot 

(Location of Bus stop 7 in Google Maps)

101 Skuggi Guesthouse (Download map)
41 – A Townhouse Hotel (Download map)
Alfred's Studios (Download map)
Apartment 37 (Download map)
Apartment K – Bergstaðastræti 12 (Download map)
Apartment K – Bergstaðastræti 3 (Download map)
Apartment K – Hverfisgata 37 (Download map)
Apartment K – Laugavegur 46 (Download map)
Apartment K – Lindargata 60 (Download map)
Apartments Aurora (Download map)
Black Tower (Download map)
Canopy Reykjavík | City Centre (Download map)
Centerhotel Klöpp (Download map)
Centerhotel Skjaldbreið (Download map)
Domus Guesthouse (Download map)
Gray Tower (Download map)
Guesthouse Óðinn (Download map)
Guesthouse Turninn (Download map)
Hótel Frón (Download map)
Ísland Apartments (Download map)
ION Hotel (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Laugavegur 37 (Download map)
Old Charm Reykjavik Apartments (Download map)
Rey Apartments (Download map)
Reykjavik Residence Hotel (Download map)
Reykjavik Residence Suites (Download map)
Reykjavik4you Aparatments – Bergstaðastræti 12 (Download map)
Room With A View (Download map)
Sand Hotel (Download map)
The Swan House Reykjavik Apartments (Download map) 

Bus stop 8 - Hallgrímskirkja

(Location of Bus stop 8 in Google Maps)

Eric The Red Guesthouse (Download map)
Forsæla Apartments (Download map)
Gest Inn (Download map)
Guesthouse Aurora (Download map)
Hostel B47 (Download map)
Hotel Leifur Eiríksson (Download map)
Hotel Óðinsvé (Download map)
Inga's New Guest Apartments (Download map)
Loki 101 Guesthouse (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Baldursgata 36 (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Bergþórugata 23 (Download map)
Mengi Apartments (Download map)
Our House Guesthouse (Download map)
SUNNA Guesthouse (Download map)
Villa Guesthouse (Download map)

Bus stop 9 - Snorrabraut 

(Location of Bus stop 9 in Google Maps)

Skuggi Hotel (Download map

Bus stop 10 - Hlemmur

(Location of Bus stop 10 in Google Maps)

100 Iceland Hotel (Download map)
101 Guesthouse (Download map)
4th Floor Hotel (Download map)
Alda Hotel Reykjavik (Download map)
Alfred's Apartments (Download map)
Apartment K – Laugavegur 74 (Download map)
Apartment K – Laugavegur 85-86 (Download map)
Centerhotel Miðgarður (Download map)
City Comfort Apartments (Download map)
Guesthouse Von (Download map)
Heida's Home (Download map)
Hlemmur Apartments (Download map)
Hlemmur Square (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Laugavegur 86 (Download map)
OK Hotel (Download map)
Reykjavik4you Apartments – Laugavegi 85 (Download map)
Stay Apartments - Laugavegur 139 (Download map)

Bus stop 11 - Austurbær

(Location of Bus stop 11 in Google Maps)

Grettisborg Apartments (Download map)
Guesthouse Reykjavik 101 (Download map)
Guesthouse Snorri (Download map)
Luna Hotel Apartments – Grettisgata 53b (Download map)
Reykjavik Hostel Village (Download map)
Stay Apartments Grettisgata (Download map)

Bus stop 12 - Höfðatorg

(Location of Bus stop 12 in Google Maps)

Fosshótel Reykjavík (Download map)
Storm Hotel (Download map)

BSÍ Bus Terminal

(Location of Bus stop BSÍ in Google Maps)

27Soley (Download map)
Guesthouse Anna (Download map)
Guesthouse Baldursbrá – Laufásvegur 41 (Download map)
Guesthouse Baldursbrá – Tjarnargata 46 (Download map)
Guesthouse Galtafell (Download map)
Guesthouse Lena (Download map)
Hótel Holt (Download map)
Travel Inn (Download map)

Direct pick up

105 - A Townhouse Hotel
22 Hill Hotel
A Part Of Reykjavik Apartments
Alba Guesthouse
Arctic Comfort Hótel
Atlantic Apartments and Rooms
Bed and Books
Brim Hotel
Bus Hostel
Cabin Hótel
Capital Inn
City Park Hotel
Downtown Reykjavik Apartments
Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel
Fosshótel Barón
Fosshótel Lind
Fosshótel Rauðará
Galaxy Pod Hostel
Grand Hótel Reykjavík
Guesthouse Pávi
Guesthouse Summerday
Harbor - Miðbakki
Harbor - Skarfabakki
Harbor - Sundabakki
Hilton Reykjavík Nordica
Hotel Viking
Hótel Ísland
Hótel Lotus
Hótel Örkin
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina
Icelandair Hótel Reykjavík Natura
Kerno Apartments
KEX Hostel
Klettur Hótel
Laugabjarg Guesthouse
Mosi Guesthouse
Norðurey Hotel Reykjavik Road
Norðurstjarnan Guesthouse
Northern Comfort Apartments
Oddsson Hostel
Radisson Blu Hótel Saga
Reykjavík Domestic Airport
Reykjavik City Hostel
Reykjavik Lights Hotel
Stay Apartments Bolholt
Stay Apartments Einholt
Student Hostel
The Capital Inn
Town House