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What to do in Reykjavík

Reykjavík has a lot to offer




This man-made, white sand beach in Reykjavík is near the domestic airport and the University of Reykjavík. During summer, a part of the ocean is warmed so it‘s possible to have a splash and stay warm. On the beach is also a hot tub which is around 38.5°c all year round. The beach is a popular place for sea swimmers all year round even though the sea sometimes becomes -2°c. 


One of few squares in downtown Reykjavík but probably the most important one. In the middle is a statue of Iceland‘s independence hero, Jón Sigurðsson. Alþingi, the parliament stands next to the square, as well as Dómkirkjan, the cathedral. During sunny days, the square fills with people enjoying the weather. Around the square are also multiple restaurants, bars and hotels. 

Hellisgerði (Hafnarfjörður)

Not in Reykjavik but in one of the nearby towns. Hellisgerði is a beautiful park in the middle of Hafnarfjörður and is one of the most famous hidden people residence. It‘s possible to book elf walks in English. Some of the trees in the garden are very rare in Iceland and during summer there's even a bonsai tree garden. 



This street by the ocean has some of the most spectacular houses in Reykjavík as well a splendid view, beach and walkways. Take a stroll down Ægissíða and a bit further and you‘ll end up in Skerjafjörður and Nauthólsvík. It is also a prime location to see he sun set.


The shopping street which lies diagonally from Laugavegur. It goes up to Skólavörðuholt hill where Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland‘s most famous church, sits. On the street, you can find many designer shops, as well as a craft shop, tourists shops, restaurants and a book shop.  


Hallgrimskirkja ChurchHallgrímskirkja

Iceland‘s most famous church. It is built to resemble basalt rock columns. It took 60 years to build. Not because it was so complicated but because there was no money. The architect, Guðjón Samúelsson, designed.


Christ‘s Church is the catholic cathedral in Iceland. It was also designed by Guðjón Samúelsson. It was opened in 1930. They hold mass in Icelandic, English, Polish, Spanish and sometimes Latvian. Heiðmörk The conservation area of Reykjavík and the surrounding towns was proclaimed in 1950. The total area is about 3.200 hectares or 7.900 acres. Since the proclamation, over 4 million trees have been planted there. Today, the area is a very popular for outdoor recreation. 



This small neighbourhood in downtown Reykjavík has some of the oldest houses in the city. The mean building year of all houses there is 1904. It was supposed to be torn down to build a highway in the 1960s but despite it not coming into fruition a lot of houses disappeared. Today, all houses have been beautifully restored and when walking there it is almost as being in another town. 



One of the most famous landmarks in Iceland. It is the longest mountain in the country and a very popular outdoor recreational area. It is about 900m at its highest. The path up the mountain is divided into sections and is marked with signs along the way. Each sign indicates how difficult the path ahead is. 200 metres from the top is Steinn, the place more inexperienced climbers choose to go down again because the last 200 metres are very steep and difficult. 


Iceland has one Nobel Prize winner, and that is Halldór Laxness who won it in 1955 for literature. Due to Iceland‘s small population this puts Iceland in fourth place over the most Nobel prize winners per capita. 

Gljúfrasteinn is the house he and his family lived in for over fifty years and now it has been turned into a museum, looking exactly as it did when they lived there.The house is in Mosfellsdalur, right outside Mosfellsbær on the way to Þingvellir.

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