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Hvammsvík Tours

Hvammsvík is a hidden gem among Iceland's tourist attractions. This captivating geothermal spa is conveniently situated less then an hour's drive from the capital, in a serene fjord surrounded by unspoiled nature, making it an ideal location to immerse oneself in during any Icelandic adventure, even if just for a brief stop.

Reykjavik Excursions is here to guide you to the perfect tour or transport tailored to your preferences. We present a range of options for your selection. Explore the diverse Hvammsvík spa tours and packages offered by Reykjavik Excursions, designed to satisfy every traveler's desires.

What to Know About Hvammsvík Hot Springs

Spanning 1200 acres, Hvammsvík invites you to delve deep into pristine Icelandic landscapes, secluded in a remote fjord, yet just a scenic 45-minute drive from Reykjavik. An array of eight distinct hot springs with diverse temperatures and a steam cave beckons the intrepid traveler.

Nestled amidst the ocean, mountains, and abundant wildlife, these hot springs harmoniously ebb and flow with the tides and changing seasons. Some pools are embraced by high tide, ensuring a fresh experience with every visit.

Hvammsvík boasts eight thermal springs, a steam cave, inviting outdoor relaxation zones, and state-of-the-art amenities. The facilities, changing rooms, and pools echo Hvammsvik's rich history, tracing back to the 12th century.

Geothermal waters, sourced 1400 meters beneath, merge seamlessly with the Atlantic's saline embrace. The continuous flow between pools ensures optimal water purity and hygiene.

After a soak in the Hot Springs, we recommend you try some delicious, light dishes inspired by our surroundings at our bistro. The seafood soup is a favorite or our infamous algae/ginger shot!

Hvammsvík offers an unparalleled vantage point for the mesmerizing northern lights, unhindered by artificial luminance in the heart of a serene fjord. The prime time for this celestial ballet spans October through April.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hvammsvík Hot Springs

The age limit is 12 years old. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian (18 years or older).

Hvammsvik Hot Springs has eight pools of varying temperatures right by the Atlantic ocean. Water levels of some of our natural pools fluctuate with the tides, and the temperatures of those pools vary greatly between high and low tides. Below is an overview of the expected temperatures of our different pools:

  • Lounge Pool – 38°C/100°F
  • Upper Rock Pool – 37°C/98.5°F
  • Lower Rock Pool – Ocean temperature to 37°C/98.5°F depending on the tides
  • Ocean Plunge Pool – Ocean temperature
  • Tidal Pool – Ocean temperature to 35°C/95°F depending on the tides
  • Old Hot Spring – 40°C/104°F
  • Upper Beach Pool – 38°C/100°F
  • Lower Beach Pool – 36°C/97°F
The deepest area at Hvammsvík Hot Springs is around 1m/3.3ft. However, the area is exposed to the open ocean that varies in depth depending on the tides and can quite unpredictably become quite deep. Therefore utmost caution should be kept in and around the ocean at all times.
Yes, you need to purchase a ticket in advance via our website. You cannot enter the Hvammsvík estate grounds without a pre-booking, so please check availability and book before you stop by.
You are welcome to if you want, but you can also show your e-ticket on your mobile device.
We cannot guarantee entry if you arrive at a time different from your booking. There is limited availability at Hvammsvík Hot Springs at each point in time to ensure a unique and authentic experience for our guests. Tickets do, however, have a one-hour window of flexibility around the reserved entry time.
You're welcome to linger for as long as you wish. Just remember to keep hydrated! After your time in the pools, the experience doesn't end – relax and relish the ambiance at our Bar & Eatery, savoring a warm seafood soup among other delights. If you've arranged for a return transfer, please refer to the tour details for information about your journey back.
Icelandic weather is notoriously unpredictable. Hvammsvik Hot Springs stays open as long as the roads leading you to us are open. But it does happen on occasions that The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration closes roads due to bad weather or severe weather forecasts. Information on road closures in and around Hvammsvík can be found here. If we foresee closures, we will do our best to contact guests with bookings on those dates and reschedule as possible.

All guests are welcome at Hvammsvík Hot Springs regardless of their gender identity. At this time, we have female and male-gendered change rooms and shower facilities. Guests are free to choose the changing room they feel most comfortable using.

If you require a more private changing area, please alert a staff member at the reception, and they will go through the options we can offer. There is a private area in the changing rooms that can be used to change in, and in the shower facilities, there are some shower cubicles with doors.

Guests at Hvammsvík Hot Springs must wear swimwear in and around the pools at all times, including the steam room. If you forgot to pack your swimwear – don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, as you can rent swimwear at our reception.
You can rent a towel at Hvammsvík Hot Springs. We also offer swim shoes for rent if you prefer to use them when navigating the different surfaces of Hvammsvík Hot Springs. As the hot springs are in a completely natural setting, sharp and slippery edges can be on the rocks, paths, and beaches. You can add a towel and/or swim shoe rental to your ticket as you book or request it at reception as you check-in.

Hvammsvík Hot Springs are situated right on the natural shore, with some of our pools stretching into the ocean and even filling up ocean water on high tides. There can be sharp edges and slippery patches on the paths, beach, and rocks in and around the pools.

The ocean is cold, and the hot springs can be very hot, so it is important to be careful and assess the surroundings at all times. You enter the ocean at your own risk, and care should be taken at Hvammsvik Hot Springs if you are not in full health.

The pools at Hvammsvík Hot Springs vary greatly in temperature, ranging from near-cold ocean temperature to geothermal warmth. Being situated right on the natural shoreline, there can both be sharp edges and slippery patches on the beach, paths, and rocks in and around the pools. Extreme care should be taken if not in full health. In case of doubt about whether your condition allows for a visit to Hvammsvík Hot Springs, always ask for your doctor’s opinion.