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Welcome to Adventure Bus, your perfect gateway to exploring Iceland's stunning South Coast. Our service combines fun sightseeing with thrilling adventures, offering comfortable bus transport and exciting activities for a unique mix of relaxation and excitement.

Starting from Reykjavík, the Adventure Bus takes you through Iceland’s most varied and dramatic landscapes, stopping at two legendary waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss.

Besides enjoying the beautiful sights, you can choose from a range of exciting activities to make your day even more special. The bus drops you off at the base camp where your adventure guides are ready to start the fun. After your activity, you'll return to the bus and reunite with your fellow travelers, heading back to Reykjavík on the same day.

Who is it for?

The Adventure Bus is perfect for nature and adventure enthusiasts who want more than just a bus ride. It’s for those looking to get closer to nature, explore beyond the usual paths, and discover hidden gems behind popular locations.

It's ideal for people who want to see everything but are also restless, those who want to touch, smell, and feel the icy air, hear the roar of the engine, paddle in serene waters, or hike on a changing glacier.

The Adventure Bus offers flexible adventures, allowing you to travel with friends and family even if you choose different activities.

Navigate Iceland’s landscapes safely with our experienced local guides for a worry-free and enjoyable trip. Avoid the stress of unfamiliar roads and car rentals by trusting our local experts to take you there and back safely.

Why choose the Adventure Bus?

  • Eco-Friendly: Preserve Iceland’s natural beauty with our carbon-neutral transport.
  • Safe and Reliable: Enjoy peace of mind with our professional guides and well-maintained equipment.
  • Up Close with Nature: Experience Iceland’s stunning landscapes in a way that’s both thrilling and intimate.
  • Enjoy Flexibility: Travel together, choose your own adventures, then reunite seamlessly to enjoy shared experiences and create lasting memories.

    Don’t just see Iceland – experience it.

Adventure Bus - Questions and Answers

Adventure Bus combines sightseeing and adventure, offering comfortable bus transport with thrilling activities to explore Iceland's South Coast.
Choose Adventure Bus for eco-friendly, safe, and reliable travel that offers an intimate experience with Iceland's stunning nature.
The Adventure Bus is perfect for nature and adventure lovers who crave more than just a bus ride. It's ideal for those wanting to get close to Iceland's natural elements and explore beyond popular tourist paths. It caters to thrill-seekers and those who love immersing themselves in stunning landscapes. Perfect for individuals and groups who want a mix of relaxation and excitement, it offers flexible adventures so friends and family can travel together even with different activity choices. With experienced guides and carbon-neutral transport, it ensures a worry-free, eco-friendly journey.
The Adventure Bus departs from BSI Central bus station in Reykjavík, with additional hotel pickup available.
The main stops include two epic waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, plus an adventure stop for an activity of your choice.
Choose from snowmobiling on Mýrdalsjökull, ATV or buggy rides, glacier hiking and ice climbing, and kayaking in a glacier lagoon.
Snowmobiling on Mýrdalsjökull lets you glide across snowy landscapes atop a volcano. No prior experience is needed. You’ll share the vehicle with a travel companion, or pay a small fee for a single ride, and the driver needs a valid license.
Riding an ATV or buggy lets you tear through black sand beaches and rugged terrains, visiting the famous abandoned DC3 plane wreck. No prior experience is needed. You’ll share the vehicle with a travel companion, or pay a small fee for a single ride, and the driver needs a valid license.
Glacier hiking on Sólheimajökull, an impressive outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull, is accessible and requires no prior experience. Anyone in average shape and health can participate. You'll explore the majestic glacier up close and enjoy stunning views over the South Coast.
Kayaking in a glacier lagoon lets you paddle among stunning icebergs in serene, icy waters by the Sólheimajökull glacier. The unique brownish water contrasts beautifully with the blue, ashy, and white icebergs. It's easy and requires no prior experience, making it accessible for everyone. Experienced professionals guide you through the tranquil lagoon, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure.
The Adventure Bus offers flexibility, allowing you to travel together but choose different activities. You can embark on thrilling adventures like snowmobiling, glacier hiking, or kayaking, and reunite on the same bus for the return trip. It provides a stress-free travel experience with experienced guides handling transportation. The eco-friendly, carbon-neutral transfer service minimizes environmental impact. The Adventure Bus offers a personal and up-close experience with Iceland’s landscapes, with professional guides ensuring safety and reliability.