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Ferðir í Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon Iceland

An all-new thermal spa inspired by nature & culture

Immerse yourself in warmth at the brand-new oceanside geothermal Sky Lagoon, located only a few kilometers outside Reykjavík. Enjoy amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean while you relax with a local drink from the floating Lagoon bar.

Go deeper with Sky Lagoon's The Ritual

At the center of the Sky Lagoon experience is The Ritual - A 7-step, sensory journey through the healing powers of warm water, cold water, water stead, dry heat and fresh air.

When you book the Sky Lagoon Pure Pass with Transfer or the Sky Lagoon Sky Pass with Transfer, you can take part in the Ritual.

Sky Lagoon Tours

With Reykjavík Excursions you can easily travel to and from the Sky Lagoon from your Reykjavík accommodation. Another option is to combine the experience with some of our popular sightseeing day tours. See your tour options below!

Do you wish to learn more? See our complete guide to the Sky Lagoon here!