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Northern Lights

Magical Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

Few sights are as breathtaking as seeing the Aurora Borealis dancing across the dark winter sky in Iceland. Find your own unforgettable experience by choosing the tour that best suits you from our variety of Northern Lights tours in Iceland.

What are the Northern Lights?

The northern lights are caused by particles from the sun. It's actually the interaction of these sun particles with the upper atmosphere. This only happens around the Earth's Magnetic Poles. The interaction creates the wonderful light effect known as the aurora borealis. Check out the latest aurora forecast in Iceland and read up on our more extensive overview of the northern lights in Iceland!

The northern lights are a truly spectacular natural phenomenon. It's one of those things that even seasoned Icelanders never get enough of. They are often seen dancing across the Icelandic Arctic sky in fantastic colours and vibrant hues. While they are sometimes visible from Reykjavik city, we highly recommend joining a professional tour. That way you can escape the city lights to enjoy the show to its fullest. Our expert guides study the weather and aurora forecast and provide tips on how to capture the light display. To come extra well prepared, read our guide on how to conquer your phone or camera to capture the northern lights and truly rule your instagram.