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Highland Bus - Skógar Adventure Summer 2024

Departure from Reykjavík

Tour Highlights

  • A scenic bus ride
  • The famous Skógafoss waterfall

Need to know


Highland Bus (previously "Iceland On Your Own") is the name for Reykjavik Excursions' scheduled bus operation. During the summer, Highland Bus is the perfect way for the independent traveller to experience Iceland's most popular hiking routes.
No guides are on our scheduled busses.
Pick up and drop off is not included. Most of our departures from Reykjavík stop at Reykjavík City Hostel/Campsite and BSÍ Bus Terminal.
Tickets can be bought on this page, at the BSÍ Bus Terminal in Reykjavík or at selected information centres and booking offices around Iceland.

Children 3 or 4 years and older (over 18 kg) can use the normal seat belts on our buses. Children 0-3 years of age must use an appropriate child's car seats. Please note that Reykjavík Excursions does not provide child seats on the Highland Bus.

We offer the transfer of bikes to and from the highlands for a small fee. This has to be reserved beforehand, as a limited number of bikes are accepted per bus. Please feel free to send us an email or call us to get it done.  The price is 4.500 ISK per bike. It can be packed in a box or assembled. The bike will be stored in the luggage compartment. The payment will be processed on-site at the BSI bus terminal or with your bus driver if you depart from Hvolsvöllur, Hella, or any other location on our route.  Please note that you might be asked to remove tires or pedals if needed. Reykjavík excursions takes no responsibility for damage that may occur when transporting bicycles.

We offer baggage transfer to Þórsmörk and Landmannalaugar.

For baggage transfer to Landmannalaugar you need send email to if you are not picking up the baggage on the same day or the day after shipping. The baggage will be stored at the Mountain Mall in Landmannalaugar and a storage fee needs to be paid when picking up the baggage. The price per item is 2000 ISK.

You can choose between three different areas within Þórsmörk: Húsadalur (Volcano Huts), Langidalur or Básar.
The price per item is 2000 ISK. The payment will be processed on-site at the BSI bus terminal or with your bus driver if you depart from Hvolsvöllur, Hella, or any other location on our route.  The baggage transfer is limited to a backpack, box, or a cabin size bag plus a sleeping bag (Maximum luggage size excluding the sleeping bag: 55x40x20 cm, maximum weight: 10 kg). Please make sure that items are in a waterproof bag and are properly labeled. Please note that depending on the delivery location the baggage might be placed in an unattended room or a trailer until picked up. Reykjavik Excursions assumes no responsibility for baggage after it is dropped off, but in the Icelandic highlands, this shouldn’t really be a problem. You do not need to book and pay for baggage transfer for the bags that you bring with on the hike, only if you are sending bags to a different location than you are travelling to.

Yes, if there are seats available. However we recommend booking online to guarantee a seat and for the best price available. Payments with cash are not accepted on the bus only payments with debit or credit cards

Skógar Adventure Bus Schedule


Road and weather conditions determine when highland roads are accessible.

TO Skógar

HB03 from:

15 June - 11 September 2024

Reykjavík (Campsite Hostel)06:30
Reykjavík (BSÍ Bus Terminal)07:00
Selfoss (N1 gas station)07:40
Hella (Kjörbúðin Supermarket)08:20
Hvolsvöllur (N1 Gas Station)09:00

FROM Skógar

HB03a from:

15 June - 11 September 2024

Hvolsvöllur (N1 Gas Station)Arrive 11:15 / Depart 17:40
Hella (Kjörbúðin Supermarket)18:00
Selfoss (N1 gas station)18:30
Reykjavík (BSÍ Bus Terminal)19:30
Reykjavík (Campsite Hostel)19:45