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Are you looking to explore the captivating landscapes of Iceland? At Reykjavik Excursions, we believe that every visit to Iceland should be a unique and unforgettable one. With our experienced tour guides, you can discover all the vibrant beauty, exciting activities, and breathtaking views that make this small island a big draw for travelers.

We understand that your time in Iceland is precious and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Whether you’re looking for a city tour, a glacier hike, or whale watching, we have the perfect tour for you. Come join us and explore the captivating landscapes of Iceland!

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Travel tips and Inspiration for your trip to Iceland

Want to know the best time to visit Iceland? Or what to pack for your trip? Check out our informative blogs and start planning your trip!

Best time to visit Iceland - your guide

Find out which season is best for your trip to Iceland with our comprehensive guide to when to visit Iceland.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iceland

The best and most popular months to see Iceland are May, June, July and August, when the days are longer and the weather is more predictable. Whereas, the colder, darkest months provide the best chance of spotting the Northern Lights and most opportunities to explore natural ice caves. Read our guide for the best months to visit Iceland.

Depending on what you would like to do and see, 5 days should be enough to experience Iceland's main attractions on the South and West coast of Iceland. If you want to do the full circle of Iceland a minimum of 7 days is required for that, preferably 10-14 days.
Absolutely! Iceland is known for its natural beauty and unique landscape, making it a great destination to explore.
While Iceland can be expensive, there are ways to save money while travelling, such as taking public transportation, finding affordable accommodation, and eating local foods.
The coldest month in Iceland is usually January with average temperatures around 33.3°F (0.7°C).
The best months to see the Northern Lights in Iceland are usually from September to mid-April. The best moments in winter are the months of November, December, and January, the very darkest months of the year. Read our guide for the best time to see the northern lights in Iceland.
Generally, Iceland is not as cold as Canada, but the weather can still be unpredictable and change quickly.

The darkest months in Iceland are usually November and December, when the days are shorter and there is less sunlight.

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Make your Iceland trip unforgettable with Reykjavik Excursions!

Our local guides are dedicated to giving you an authentic experience and helping you explore the best of what Iceland has to offer. With a variety of tours and activities to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your experience and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the incredible sights. Book your tour with Reykjavik Excursions today and get ready to make lasting memories!

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