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Admissions to Museums, Activities & Attractions in Iceland

Whales, spas, lava, museums, exhibitions, immersive vr or escape rooms - There's always something exciting going on in these parts. You might want to fill a few hours in the city or maybe you need a backup plan on a rainy day. Don't worry, just scroll down to find the perfect activity to experience something new, perhaps even unforgettable, during your stay in Iceland. Get your tickets here and have a great time on your own excursion!


A Few of our (least) Favourite Faux Pas

Icelanders are generally quite liberal so truly offending someone based on a cultural misunderstanding isn’t very likely. We know our hot water smells like farts and we don’t really expect anyone to enjoy our rotten shark. However, there are a few things worth mentioning that could make your average Icelander uncomfortable, even insulted.