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Whale Watching

Whales in Iceland

Whales are something of a natural phenomenon and like most phenomena, seeing is believing. Just like the northern lights, whales provoke a sense of excitement and awe in everyone who comes across them. These gentle giants hang out around Iceland, in fact, they can be found in Faxaflói bay, in the waters surrounding Reykjavik. If you've come all this way, why not take a short boat tour to meet them?

Puffins, dolphins and other marine animals

There's more to these waters than whales and no less charming than their bigger cousins, are the numerous dolphins that hang out around Reykjavik and often playfully chase whale watching boats in the area. But the champion of adorable animal charm is without a doubt, the one and only puffin. With its happy-looking bill and cute waddle this bird will charm anyone in its presence. Check out our selection of boat tours and experiences from Reykjavik to book your own personal encounter with the sea life of Iceland.