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Welcome to the refund request portal of Reykjavík Excursions.

Life writes its own script and things don't always go as planned. We're here to help process your refund. The transition might take up to a leisurely 10-day stroll through the twisty mazes of international banking bureaucracy.

If you're planning to reinvest this amount in another adventure, consider rebooking your experience at no additional charge, to shorten this process. If you booked a tour that's operated by Reykjavík Excursions, you can manage it directly trough your account in "My Booking" by logging in with your booking number.

For bookings involving third-party tour operators, however, please keep in mind they may have different methods and cancellation policies.

If your booking was made through a travel agency, we advise contacting them directly.

To proceed with your refund, please fill out the form below, completing all fields. Please review our cancellation policy before submitting your request. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated.